The Most Luxurious Nightclubs In The World

The clubs are now opening again and getting around is getting easier with time We have an extensive list of the most unique nightclubs.

De School, Amsterdam

The Trouw shut its doors in the year 2002 and left a huge gap in the nightlife of Amsterdam. Then, in January 2016, the staff decided to start the De School club. De School is the name of the club. It is located in an old school. 700 people can fit into this club. De School. The club also has very little exposure, and it is a secret place for DJs within the crowd. The club is open 7 all week long, permitted to serve alcohol all day, and also offers a gym, a cafe, and an art museum. However, there is a catch: the De School is only a “temporary project” over five years, and that’s why it is likely to disappear out of sight sooner than later.

Smartbar, Chicago

If you’re a lover of house music, there’s no better place to be than the place where it was born: Chicago, Illinois. The place where it began (The Warehouse) has since gone out of business but its legacy is still alive in the Smartbar which is, in fact, recently named one of the top clubs worldwide by Resident Advisor.
The underground party space is tiny and basic and includes a dance floor made of wood and a one-way sound system. Some of the most famous acts such as Derrick Carter, The Black Madonna and Frankie Knuckles have already played in this venue. Frankie Knuckles is known as the house DJ since he was a regular performer from the beginning of 1982 until his passing in 2014.

Amnesia, Ibiza

For those who it an essential part of the nightclub experience to travel to tropical climates, Amnesia is a necessity. The club is located in Ibiza and can accommodate a total of more than 5,000 guests, divided into two large rooms. The main room, which resembles a cave, has everything, since it’s equipped with cool “ice cannons” and offers ample space for wild parties as ravers soak up the sun on the terrace that is closed with a glass roof after a night of partying and soak in the sun’s rays as the sun. Amnesia is among the most diverse clubs in Ibiza and features groovy and techno music, along with dubstep and trance – all in a week.

Fabric, London

Since its opening in 1999, the Fabric has evolved into an actual clubhouse institution. It has three distinct rooms, each of which has an individual sound system, as well as one that can create a vibrating “body sonic” dance floor. The bass transducers on the floor transform the low-frequency frequencies such that the audience can be able to feel the music with their feet. After it was forced to shut down temporarily last September, the worldwide electronic music community demanded an opening reopening, which was successful in early 2017. If you’ve never visited previously, this has the chance.

Berghain, Berlin

The Berghain is located in an old power station and was previously called by journalist and DJ Philip Sherburne “the current techno capital of the whole world”. It’s easy to get there to get into the Berlin club is simple, but getting inside is an entirely different story due to the well-known bouncer Sven Marquardt. If you manage to get past him, a castle of hedonistic fervour awaits you with the main area where you will hear mostly hard techno, as well as the Panorama bar, which includes Ice cream! If you’re the kind of person who loves to go completely wild while partying at night, then you’re safe in the infamous Berlin club, as photography is prohibited there. This means that whatever is happening in Berghain remains in Berghain

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