Study MS in the U.S.A. Scholarships for International Students


Have you ever longed to go to the U.S. for your graduate degree? However, a fast rude awakening bursts your air pocket in the fantastic universe of out-of-this-world educational costs and costs for many everyday items. Considering abandoning your fantasy about concentrating abroad? Can student loans be a possibility for supporting your examinations abroad; however, aren’t obligation generally an obligation?

There is a simple answer to this – M.S. in the U.S.A. Scholarships.

Meridian Abroad presents a rundown of M.S. Scholarships in the U.S.A., the two schools explicit and ordinary to worldwide Students.

Scholarships in the U.S.A. for worldwide Students

  1. Aga Khan Establishment Scholarship
  2. Generation Google Scholarship
  3. AAUW Global Scholarships
  4. Global Stock Trades
  5. University of Oregon
  6. Illinois State College

A few Scholarships for M.S. in the U.S.A. for International Students

Aga Khan Establishment Scholarship

The Aga Khan Establishment offers restricted Scholarships to Students seeking postgraduate investigations, like a graduate degree. These Students should come from non-industrial nations that can’t fund their examinations by different means. The concentrate in the U.S.A. scholarship is scholarship on a half award and half credit community and a severe application process. 

  1. Amount for the Scholarship – Educational expenses and everyday costs. They are not entirely set in stone as per the necessities of the Students.
  2. Eligibility for the Scholarship –
  • You should be an occupant of the qualified country; India is one.
  • Predilection is given to applicants younger than 30.
  • Have a solid scholarly record.

Google Scholarship

Google Scholarships this scholarship to assist hopeful computer researchers with succeeding in innovation. This scholarship is accessible to Students who wish to seek after their advanced education in the U.S. or Canada.

  1. Amount for the Scholarship – For Canada, the scholarship sum is a computer-aided design of 5,000; for the U.S.A., the scholarship sum is USD 10,000.
  2. Eligibility for the Scholarship – To be qualified for the scholarship, you should
  • Have a secondary school recognition or the same
  • Intend to be enlisted or acknowledged as a full-time student in a lone ranger’s, lords or doctoral certificate. Concentrate on the program at a certified college in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Be concentrating on computer designing, software engineering, or firmly related specialized courses from the U.S.A.
  • Have a superb academic record

AAUW Global Scholarships

This scholarship is given by the American Relationship of College Ladies (AAUW) – to ladies – to advance value and schooling for young ladies. It is proposed to ladies who are not U.S. residents or non-long-lasting inhabitants applying for the full-time examination, work or study. More than 3,600 ladies from north of 150 nations have profited from this scholarship throughout recent years. For International ladies, this could be one of the most amazing M.S.  Scholarships in the U.S.A. to apply for.

  1. Amount – 18,000 USD for a graduate or first expert degree. The sum can be utilized for educational costs, everyday costs and ward kid care
  2. Eligibility for the Scholarship – To be qualified, you should –
  • Being a resident of a country other than the U.S.A.
  • o, Hold a college degree identical to the American baccalaureate
  • You expect to get back to your mom’s land to seek after a profession
  • Have a familiarity with English and submit records to demonstrate that she accepted her college degree/secondary school recognition from an English-talking foundation. If not, she should present her TOEFL score, which should not be fewer than 79 for the internet-based test.
  • Have applied to a certified U.S.A. association.

Illinois State College

Illinois State College offers merit-based fractional educational cost waivers for global Students signed up for undergrad or postgraduate Review programs. The exclusion concerns educational expenses charges excluded.

  • Sum – 5,000 USD per semester
  • Qualification for the Scholarship – There are no set qualification measures. It is scholarship to Students with excellent academic outcomes proceeding with their investigations at the College.

College of Oregon

The College of Oregon presents numerous Scholarships. A few Scholarships are application-based, while for specific Scholarships, Students are consequently viewed as founded on their G.P.A. and qualifying test scores like S.A.T. and A.C.T. Here is a legitimacy-based scholarship given by the College:

  • Sum – US$3,000 can be scholarship every academic year.
  • Qualification for the Scholarship – To qualify, you should be an International inhabitant.
  • Number of Scholarships offered – 3

New York College Wagner Associations

New York College offers merit-based Scholarships. Students who wish to apply for the scholarship should present their application for admission to the College on the web. The choice depends on two elements – whether the candidate meets the prerequisites of the scholarship Study program and the strength of the application they submit. A portion of the Scholarships are –

Senior member’s Scholarship: A full scholarship is scholarship to Students in light of the legitimacy and strength of the submitted application, paying little mind to Concentrating on a program of study and area of interest.

Common Help Scholarship: A halfway or fractional scholarship is scholarship to Students in light of the legitimacy and strength of the submitted application. The scholarship is appropriate to all fields of study, remembering M.S. for the U.S.A.

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