9 Unique Types of Phobia

Phobia is a major fear of an object, person or animal, or other activity. The person is stressed and suffers anxiety attacks when you come across them.

Common reasons to be afraid are as follows:
  • You’ve had a terrible incident about it.
  • It could be a result of your family’s history.
  • The surroundings can make you feel anxious.

Research has shown that there are numerous fears. The most common kinds of phobias include fears of the dark, blood, heights and death. You may be surprised, but you might find it fascinating to learn that there are some phobias that you aren’t aware of yet.

Here’s an alphabetical collection of strange phobias that you might not have heard of:

1. Nomophobia

People with this type of fear has acquired a fear of being able to carry their mobiles with them. They believe that something is wrong when their battery is low or isn’t working.

Some people have trouble not using the mobile phone. They are checking their phones from time to the time.

Potential effects of this worry could be:

  • It is common to use your phone while you eat.
  • You can’t sleep well.
  • Unproductive for the day.

2. Globophobia

It’s all about anxiety of balloons. People who suffer from this fear of balloons is scared to watch it on TV or through social media. It usually begins when they were children. Thus, attending events and having negative memories of balloons can trigger this anxiety.

Some of the possible indicators are:

  • We aren’t going to any parties.
  • You can easily become anxious.
  • The heart beats too quickly.

3. Ergophobia

Another item on the list of fears is fear of working. Therefore, those who suffer from this fear feel anxious whenever they perform their job. So, people who have this fear might feel depressed and depressed.

It’s a result of an experience that has caused too much sorrow or pain following the completion of something. It can happen to anyone in their childhood. This means that it can begin in the school years.

4. Eisoptrophobia

The reason for this is not wanting to look in the mirror. The people who suffer from this fear of looking at themselves in the mirror. It’s due to many reasons , including:

  • A ghost could show up through the mirror.
  • Someone has been through an accident that was traumatic.
  • They lack self-esteem.

5. Arachibutyrophobia

Furthermore, it’s an bizarre fear. It is the kind of fear in which people are afraid of getting peanut butter between their mouth. There is however only a tiny percentage of people with this fear.

People who are most likely to have this condition are:

  • Allergy to peanut butter.
  • Beware of being choked.
  • You don’t feel comfortable with something that is inside your mouth.

6. Nostophia

It’s a fear returning home. Some people with this condition may have suffered domestic violence at home. They may also be afraid to spread negative news to their family.

The person who experiences:

  • Think about what other people might be saying.
  • Believing that you are at risk of injury.
  • The people who work for them want to remain at liberty in all times.

7. Coulrophobia

It’s a fear that comes from clowns. Most kids acquire the fear after they encounter clowns at events. In addition, they see clowns as scary creatures similar to what they see on television. This could also be a result of having a negative experience with clowns.

Experienced people have are:

  • Hands sweating and shaking
  • Are you suffering from headaches?
  • Nervousness can cause a tinnitus.

8. Othophobia

One of the most gruesome of these list of phobias is the anxiety of looking up. There are a variety of reasons people experience this fear. A negative experience in life could trigger this kind of anxiety. It could also stem from their family background. It could be due to your medication.

Potential effects of this to your life are:

  • You lose motivation
  • Finding it difficult to get near to people
  • It could be that you feel like you’re always in a lonely place

9. Chorophobia

It’s an anxiety about dancing. The person with this has a difficult time dancing. This could be the result of being unconfident. Additionally, worrying about what other people may say can impact your confidence. It could also be due to an unpleasant experience in your childhood.

If you experience this feeling, you’ll likely experience the following:

  • Be aware of your movements.
  • Being uncomfortable to dance.
  • Do not participate in any dance activity.


In addition to medications doctors will often recommend therapies. Therefore, they can help you conquer your fears without worried. It’s not simple but it will allow you forget about all worries.

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