8 Habits That Will Improve Your Quality Of Life

After a tiring day at work is an exhilarating feeling. It is now the time that we can relax or finish the tasks that are still to be completed. There are a few things we do after we return home that can make our day better or worse. We teach you the right habits and provide you with guidelines on what you should do and not do once you’re back home.

Take Off Shoes

It’s obvious But is it? This is a matter of health and hygiene that shouldn’t be ignored. Have you ever considered the microorganisms and bacteria that are accumulating in our shoes throughout the day? If you remove the shoes before entering your house or apartment the shoes stay clean for longer and don’t become dirty in the same amount of time.

Indirect Lighting

When you return home to find it (already) dark it will be apparent that your eyes require some time to rest. It’s recommended to use dim lighting and indirect lighting over the harsh white overhead lighting. It’s not about being a shadow It’s about providing our eyes with a bit of rest and peace.


The music style does not matter, everyone has their preference. Music can be a great means of relaxing or adding some excitement and energy to the home. Are you missing this chance to balance your energy levels?

Turn Your Phone Off

We understand it’s hard however, give yourself the privilege of spending one hour per day without a cell phone once you’re home. Your eyes will be thankful for not having to be looking at screens at this point. As per experts, the amount of time we spend online will be proportional to the amount of time we use for other activities rather than doing anything productive.

Bad Habit: Taking Work Home With You

This is an important aspect. It’s not recommended to return home emptying your pockets randomly such as keys, wallets and loose change, credit cards or even notes. Be careful not to scatter everything all over the place. It will be easier to search for things in various places in the future. An item of furniture or an attractive bowl to store all of these items can be the ideal solution.

Bad Habit: Turning The TV On

Television isn’t the invention of the evil one. Perhaps switching it on as soon as you return home isn’t the ideal way to spend your time. There are other methods to unwind such as meditation, music as well as cooking. It is important to allow the brain some time to rest and think to ensure that it doesn’t get information.

Bad Habit: Leave Shopping Bags Around Your Apartment

If you visit the market on the return journey, make sure to place every item in its appropriate place when you arrive back home. It can take some effort but you’ll be more content later on if you do not have to worry about this again. This will be particularly helpful when you are trying to make dinner.

Bad Habit: Drop The Jacket Randomly Anywhere

Why would you put your coat or jacket on an armchair when you can hang it on the coat rack within the wardrobe? Once you’re home, your main intention is to relax. However, if your vision is unclear or messy the vision becomes challenging.

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