6 Foods That Improve Your Mood

The weather is cold and wet with sub-zero temperatures and no sunshine in sight The dark winter months can be a real strain on nerves. The good news is that some foods can aid with winter blues and get you in a great mood. However, if you are thinking of sweets like chocolate or soul-warmers then you’re in the wrong place. Here’s a list of food items that boost your mood.


Along with tryptophan, it is also a yellow-coloured tropical fruit that includes vitamins B1, A1, B2 and B3 B5, and C, and can therefore be a great mood-enhancing agent. It’s ripe when its skin is covered in black dots, and it is only at this point that will it tastes sweet. Due to the substantial concentration of magnesium in the plant, it can have an antispasmodic effect.


Green is an actual nutritional bomb. It is high in healthy fatty acids simple and fatty acids which are used by our body to produce hormones. It can help bring the hormone system back into balance when consumed frequently. In the grocery store, the majority of them are like hard rock, yet they continue to mature, much like bananas. Once the skin begins to soften after pressure is applied, the avocado is ready and can be eaten. Avocados also provide the vital building material tryptophan, which is essential to maintain that you are in good spirits.

Dark Chocolate

Black gold has been regarded as an icon among those who seek happiness. But is there any truth to the assertion that chocolate can make you feel happy? Tryptophan is also present in chocolate. But, it’s only in very low amounts and that’s why it is believed that chocolate can make you feel happy in a different way. It’s more about psychology. We’ve learned in our childhood that it is possible to combine the delight of chocolate, with good emotions this is the reason why chocolate can put us in a more positive mood.


Green leafy veggies like chard or spinach are rich in magnesium which is valuable. A study on mice revealed that a diet low in magnesium could increase anxiety. In a piece for The Harvard Health Blog, psychiatrist and chef Uma Naidoo reported that eating foods that are rich in magnesium could help reduce anxiety and improve mood. Other magnesium-rich foods include nuts, legumes seeds, seeds, and whole grains.


Turmeric is considered to be a superfood, especially among spices. It is not just a flavorful ingredient but also a colour to food. It is also believed to treat depression and anxiety, as various studies have explored. There is a belief that curcumin in it is beneficial to the serotonin levels in the brain, and could influence mood.


This superfood from the native region is filled to the brim with vital nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids that our bodies are unable to produce by themselves. Furthermore, they possess the ability to improve digestion as they increase the size of the digestive tract. Once crushed, the substances can be more efficiently taken in by the body. Linseed oil is a miraculous weapon to fight depression. For healthy individuals, it can also boost mood and can improve mental performance.

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